Ultimate Summer Vacation in Ubud

When having your time off in Bali, Indonesia, make it a point that you invest a night or two in Ubud. When youturn up, plush rice paddies and terraces will welcome you alongside with the sprawling coconut trees.

Because there is just a lot to do and encounter in this village, here’s a concise guidelines to making the most out of your trip to Ubud.

Experience spa, yoga and meditation.
You are guaranteed to experience complete relaxation in Ubud! Health or healing resorts and spas are common in Ubud where you can get a heavenly massage, reflexology or any other spa treatment that is popular in the region. Cleanse your mind and body with the yoga and meditation classes here.

Check Out the Galleries and Museums in Ubud.
Make sure you explore Ubud's museums and galleries for your trip to be complete. You can see traditional and modern Balinese art via different forms like sculptures, paintings, and even architectures. You can also take art classes that most museums offer to tourists and visitors.

Drop by the temples and historical landmarks.
There is the Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) that has carvings that date back to the 9th century, or the Pura Kehen, which is perhaps one of the most beautiful temples in Bali. Just don't forget to watch the rules as you enter, as the locals consider most of these sites holy.

Indulge in their cultural performances.
Balinese dance and performing arts are pleasing to the eye. You will enjoy watching real traditional dances like these here and nowhere else--some are performed under the trees. Don't worry about missing a show because performances are held every night.