Disney Resort on Oahu

On August 29, Disney will open its first resort in Hawaii. The 21 acre, 359 room Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa in Ko Olina near Oahu's North Shore. The Aulani will tell the story of authentic Hawaii. The kid's club, the 5200 square foot Aunty's Beach House, will offer nature and wildlife programs and traditional Hawaiian games and Disney film screenings.

Other resort features include fitness and spa center (including some kids treatments) beach access, four restaurants, a story telling fire pit, a conference center and 460 Disney Vacation Club Villas, of which 21 are Grand Villas.

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Enjoying Ubud for Your Vacation

If you are going on a holiday in Bali, Indonesia, do not forget to visit Ubud too. When you turn up, abundant rice paddies and terraces will welcome you together with the sprawling coconut trees.

To help you fully enjoy this town, here's a travel guide for you to enjoy your vacation in Ubud.

See the gorgeous temples and the charming ancient landmarks.
You can explore Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave that features carvings dated back in 9th century and the Pura Kehen, which is one of the most breathtaking temples in Bali. Do not forget to follow the rules once you enter as most of these places are considered holy by the locals.

Appreciate in Ubud’s Museums and Galleries. 
Make sure you explore Ubud's museums and galleries for your trip to be complete. Balinese traditional and modern art is visible through many ways such as architecture, painting and sculpture. It's certainly worth attending the art lessons that many of the museums offer to their visitors.

Watch cultural acts.
Balinese dance and performing arts are pleasing to the eye. You will not see authentic traditional dances of this kind anywhere else in the world, some performed under the trees. You can catch performances almost every night so you don’t have to worry about missing a show.

Experience spa, yoga and meditation.
Total relaxation is guaranteed in Ubud! You can get a massage, reflexology or any spa treatment in health or healing resorts sprawled in Ubud. Get purified inside out when you attend the yoga and meditation classes available in the town.

Next Holiday Destination: Bangkok

It is a very good idea to travel to Thailand, particularly in Bangkok, as the city it still rich in culture. It’s a tourist hotspot not only because of its bustling city lights but also because of its historical landmarks. If you are looking for an urban escape without sacrificing culture, then Bangkok should be your next holiday destination this summer.

How can I enjoy Bangkok? Here are things to do when you visit this city.

-Indulge your visual senses with the temples and palaces in the city. Most palaces are open to tourists except for some that the royal family still uses.

-Indulge in the city’s museums. If you like history and arts, you will definitely appreciate their museums. Inside the museums, you will find a collection of Asian antique art.

-Visit the Thewet Flower Market. You might even want to drop by the ferry terminal near the market too.

-Try out a bicycle tour! You can ride through Bangkok’s countryside and enjoy the rice paddies, lotus fields and orchid farms.

-Savor a real Thai Massage. You can have a traditional Thai massage from luxury hotels, which are rather expensive. If you are on a budget, get a massage from the small massage shops on the street.

-Shop til you drop! It is a sin to visit Bangkok without going around to shop. You will not leave Siam Square empty handed when you visit the place. You can buy clothes, shoes, and accessories here without going bankrupt. Shopping in Bangkok, Thailand can keep you occupied for days and make a shopaholic extremely satisfied after the visit.

How to Have A Great Vacation in Ubud

If you are going on a holiday in Bali, Indonesia, do not forget to visit Ubud too. The place offers beautiful rice paddies and terraces as well as coconut trees scattered all over the town.

Because there is just so many to accomplish and encounter in this village, here’s a short guide to making the most out of your visit to Ubud.

Explore the beautiful temples and breathtaking historical landmarks.
There is the Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) that has designs that date back to the 9th century, or the Pura Kehen, which is perhaps one of the most attractive temples in Bali. Do not forget to follow the rules once you enter as most of these places are considered holy by the locals.

Visit Museums and Gelleries in Ubud
If you do not visit Ubud's museums and galleries, your trip will not be complete. You can see traditional and modern Balinese art via different forms like sculptures, paintings, and even architectures. It's certainly worth attending the art lessons that many of the museums offer to their visitors.

Indulge in their cultural performances.
Balinese dance and performing arts will certainly feast your eyes. You will only be able to watch authentic traditional dance here where some are even performed under the trees. There are shows every night so don't worry about missing a performance.

Enjoy yoga, spa and meditation.
Total relaxation is guaranteed in Ubud! In Ubud, health or healing resorts are rampant where they offer relaxing massage, reflexology and spa treatments. Cleanse your mind and body with the yoga and meditation classes here. 

Should I buy travel insurance for my trip?

Travel Insurance is meant to put you at ease in regards to your financial risk. These risks include accidents, illness, missed flights, lost baggage, emergency evacuation just for a few examples. So get away knowing you are protected.

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Can I trust a travel agent to book my Honeymoon?

A Honeymoon is a special time for the bride and groom to relax and after making all the decisions regarding the wedding it is a comfort to let your travel agent suggest the perfect Honeymoon destination. We can also plan and make reservations for spa treatments, restaurants, entertainment and activities.

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Should I trust a travel agent for my destination wedding?

You should definitely use a travel agent. Most couples are already stressed enough about the wedding, so why not have a travel agent relieve some stress by taking care of the details, especially since it doesn't cost you a thing.

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Puerto Galera Beach: Your Ultimate Summer Destination

Located in Mindoro Island, Philippines, Puerto Galera is a place made famous by its very own White Beach. Travel time from Manila (where the airports are) is around 5 hours, but it is very easy to get to. You must be wondering now how you can possibly make your vacation in Puerto Galera a fun one. Read on and prepare yourself for an never ending summer.

The White Beach
The White Beach, as its description suggests, boasts white sands. Along its beaches, there are many grills, restaurants, bars and accommodation that suit your budget without sacrificing showers and TV, or you can get a room for a lower rate if it's not air-conditioned. During the day, you can rent a banana boat and have the time of your life in the water! Once the sun sets, most of the restaurants turn into night clubs, making the perfect venue for dancing and partying all night by the beach.

Tamaraw Falls
A few minutes away from the White Beach, the popular Tamaraw Falls can also be enjoyed. Tourists can rent a van or jeep to get there and then the rest of the way will be traveled by foot. When you get there, you can bathe under the water falls or swim in the man-made pool where the water gathers.

Dive and Golf
Puerto Galera has a protected marine sanctuary, which makes it really attractive for divers. Several dive shops are located in White Beach as well as in Sabang, some of which offer complete packages inclusive of diving lessons or guided diving, accommodations, meals and transfer. On the other hand, a golf course is available for those who are not into extreme sports.

There is a little bit of everything for someone looking for the ultimate summer destination in Puerto Galera. This beach town surely has luxury and budget accommodations and activities.

Do I buy Insurance for my trip? Questions to ask yourself

-Can you risk losing your vacation investment if something goes wrong due to illness, weather or other unforeseen circumstances?

-If you have to cut your trip short due to emergency, can you afford the cost of a return trip home?

-Does your health insurance provide coverage away from home and out of the country? What if you become ill or are injured while traveling?

-If your bags are lost or you have to spend an extra night because of weather-related problems, can you afford to buy necessities and pay for extra lodging?

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Would you pay for a faster airport security check?

Frequent fliers would pay for faster airport security checks

Nearly half of Americans surveyed — and three-quarters of frequent business travelers — say they'd pay up to $150 a year and get a background check to speed through a separate airport security line.

July 04, 2011|By Hugo Martín, Los Angeles Times
U.S. air travelers already pay to check bags and buy onboard snacks, among other charges. But would they pay to avoid those long airport security lines?
A sizable chunk of them would, according to a recent survey by the U.S. Travel Assn., the nationwide trade group that has been pushing the idea of a fee-based plan to unclog the gridlock at the country's airports.

Jamaica FAM Trip 2011

I recently participated in an agent trip to Jamaica. They are trying to educate agents and the general public that safety is a top priority for tourism. We visited several resorts and went to dinner in Montego Bay. They have uniformed tourist guides on Hip Strip if any problems would occur. We encourage our clients to use the same precautions they would use going to downtown St Louis. Don't wear expensive jewelry or flash large amounts of cash to draw unwanted attention. Also, stay on the main areas of the tourist area where there are plenty of people enjoying local attractions. Hip Strip has shops and restaurants including Margaritaville and the Pelican where we enjoyed some local cuisine. Some agents walked over to a shopping area near our resort, Riu Montego Bay. We encourage our clients to stay in a large group and walk in well lit areas where the tourist guides are located.

Here is some information about the resorts I toured:

Riu Montego Bay - 681 rooms, Close to airport, basic amenities, nice beach, comfortable rooms, wedding gazebo, family rooms and suites also available.

Iberostar Rose Hall Beach - 366 rooms and suites, nice beach and pool area, library has 2 pool tables, massage cabanas, a lot of palapas by pool and trees on beach, 12 hr room service, 20 minutes from airport

Iberostar Rose Hall Suites - 273 suites, lazy river, bigger beach, 24 hr room service, great for weddings
Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall -295 suites, adults only, full butler service, free concierge at pool, free internet

Secrets Wild Orchid/St James - adults only, 350 suites in each section. Wild Orchid is the section where most of restaurants and activities are located. St James is more relaxed and quiet, no pool bar. All rooms have 'Secret box', flat screen with DVD players, minibar. Almost all rooms have oceanview with 1 king or 2 queens. Both have Preferred Club sections with separate check in, small lobby with snacks and free internet.
Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton/Jamaica - 984 suites, located outside of Montego Bay in Lucea. It is farther from airport but very picturesque. The property is quite large with a great pool area, spa and secluded beach with watersports. Adult only section and pool available.

Riu Tropical Bay Palace - 416 rooms, located on Bloody Bay in Negril. Great beach, small property
Couples Swept Away - 312 suites, located on Negril's Seven Mile Beach, Caribbean-style verandah suites that include atrium and beachfront suites. The atrium verandah suites are secluded villas with garden views.They offer a walk in shower for 2, windows on 3 sides with shutters for privacy and hammock outside.

Couples Negril - 234 rooms and suites, located on Bloody Bay. Great beach, small intimate resort with beachfront suites available. Private 'au natural' sunbathing area. Glass bottom boats and other activities.
Sunset at the Palms - 65 rooms and suites, nestled in the trees across the street from beach. Treetop deluxe rooms and treetop 1 bedroom suites available. This is small, value minded property that is only a short walk to the beach club with bar & grill and watersports area.
Last but not least -
Palmyra - 299 rooms and suites, just opened Fall 2010 with a new building under construction. This is a condo type property with full kitchen and laundry in most rooms. Private chef, personal concierge and butler available. Commissary on site with groceries and wine. This is the ultimate in luxury with a nice, relaxing beach. Wedding facilities and conference rooms to accommodate most events.


Caribbean - Islands for Adventures

Aruba is among the livelier, more developed islands in the Caribbean. Aruba has high-rise resorts, great restaurants and glitzy casinos lining every white-sand beach.

Travelers are quite satisfied with the treasures they find in the Bahamas:brilliant turquoise water, gorgeous sandy beaches, excellent fishing and diving, and surroundings that range from quaint colonial villages to lovely secluded coves.

Cayman Islands
You'll enjoy the Cayman Islands if you've ever had the urge to see beneath the sea. There are plenty of places to dive or snorkel.

With a mixture of 55 different nationalities on the Island, Curacao has a fascinating multicultural aspect. It also has a cosmopolitan character. The majority of the residents speak at least four languages.

Dominican Republic
The Dominican attracts visitors with its beautiful beaches, historic areas in the major cities, and deluxe boutique hotels.

The popular image of Jamaica is emerald rain forests, waterfalls that tumble into cool, clear streams and glorious beaches that rival any in the Caribbean. The legendary "cool" of Jamaican culture is heard in the reggae music and by the dry wit of the young Jamaican men who pilot visitors down the Great River on bamboo rafts.

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Hawaii - Celebrating Island Life

There's enough beauty and activity in Hawaii to fill more vacations than we could take in a lifetime. With so much to choose from, first-time visitors need to be selective. The recommendation is to settle first on the Hawaii you want to see. It might be beaches, a luau and nightlife; it might be rare orchids and hikes in the rain forest; it might be quiet countryside, small towns and scenic drives. Whatever the combination, there is almost certainly an island or islands best suited to your Hawaii vacation dreams.

Hawaii (big) Island
Hawaii Island is commonly known as the Big Island for good reason. It's larger than all the other islands combined.

Kauai is the oldest and northernmost of the inhabited Hawaiian Islands. Nature is its biggest draw.

The smallest of the main islands is and uncrowded. It is completely owned by Castle & Cooke, the parent company of the Dole Pineapple. But commercial pineapple production has stopped, and tourism is now the mainstay of the economy.

Maui is the second most-visited Hawaiian Island, after Oahu. Maui has wonderful beaches, calm ocean bays, stunning mountain and volcano vistas, sugarcane fields, highland ranches, twisting mountain roads, whale-watching, golf, hiking, zip lining, sailing and other boat excursions, deep sea fishing, and watersports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing and parasailing.

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The Best of Luxury Travel - Bellagio Las Vegas

Inspired by the beautiful villages of Europe, the Bellagio overlooks a Mediterranean-blue lake in which fountains perform a magnificent ballet choreographed to music and lights. The lobby is in a word, Grand!

Elegantly appointed accommodations, pairing modern conveniences with the warmth of home, feature sweeping views of the resort's lake, surrounding mountains and the Las Vegas skyline.

Experience Bellagio's exquisite spa. This award winning beauty oasis has the singular goal of pampering guests with its unique menu of international treatments in a luxurious 65,000 square foot setting. Spa packages can be custom tailored to suit your needs, plus food and beverages can be added on for an additional fee.

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