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The Cruises, Air and Train Travel theme page showcases unusual, small-scale, vacation explorations in Mexico's Copper Canyon, Southeast Asia, throughout Europe and Alaska with the uncommon perspectives of small ships, sailing ships, freighters, trains, river and barge journeys.
It was a lot of fun, driving into all these villages and towns trying to get up to the castle. And generally the direction of the castle was up. They are mostly built on hills above the cities. All with the exception of one, Burg Eltz, which was our favourite. It is actually in a valley and you drive down to find it. On your way down you get some amazing vistas of the castle. It was like stepping into a Disney movie.
42 year old male starts a new life by traveling around the world for a couple of years. Make that 43 years now and let's say three years to see the world. Make that 44 years old now and I have no idea how long this thing is going to go.