Introducing IBEROSTAR Cancun

Iberostar Hotel and Resort in Cancun. Expansive, elegant, enticing. Welcome to Iberostar's newest destination, Iberostar Cancun. Situated on one of Mexico's most stunning beachfronts, Iberostar Cancun features a sprawling  complex filled with fun at every turn. At this remarkable hotel, the kids can live it up at the supervised Kid's Club - complete with a water park - while the adults play a round of golf on the area's only 18-hole course, relax in the stunning spa or wile away the hours in any of the seven infinity pools. At this all-inclusive destination, dining is a family dream. From four gourmet specialty restaurants to the casual poolside snack bar, the ice cream parlor to the cigar lounge - Iberostar Cancun caters to every member of the family as only Iberostar can do.

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Let Princess Cruises show you the world

Breathtaking Alaska. Princess is the leader in Alaska. The land and sea cruisetour vacations combine incredible voyages with Princess rail service and unforgettable experiences to the wilderness lodges at the best locations.

Classic Europe. Princess offers the best itineraries to the most popular regions of Europe - the Mediterranean, Greek Isles and Holy Land; Scandinavia, Russia and Norwegian Fjords; British Isles, Iceland and Greenland - with over 40 itineraries on large and small ships.

Around the Americas. Closer to home, sail to the festive Caribbean, monumental Panama Canal, colorful Mexico, historic Canada and New England, idyllic Hawaiian Islands and gorgeous Pacific Coast.

Exotic destinations. Throughout the world, Princess has voyages to the most intriguing places - like ancient Asia, India and Africa; majestic Australia and New Zealand; the lush isles of Hawaii, Tahiti and the South Pacific; and exciting South America.

World Cruises. There's nothing like seeing all the world's great landmarks on a single itinerary - the World Cruise. Sail for over 100 days on one of two global sailings with princess as your host.

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Vacation at Azul Hotels by Karisma

Riviera Maya is the perfect place for families to spend their vacation. At Azul Hotels, by Karisma, they cater especially to families with children of all ages. The Azulitos kids club is designed to entertain the young ones while the parents can relax at the beach or by the pool. Enjoy the gourmet inclusive vacation experience at Azul.

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Costa Rica and Galapagos

Costa Rica has 12 different life zones and is simply amazing. If you would like to combine a bit of beach with a bit of exploration, Costa Rica is an excellent choice. There are still active volcanoes in Costa Rica - nighttime in Arenal reveals an amazing ember glow!

Rain forests are in plenty and more than 850 species of birds are in an area about the size of Kentucky, wildlife enthusiasts will be thrilled. If sitting by the pool is more up your alley, Costa Rica delivers as well.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to get "up close and personal" with wildlife, a Galapagos adventure is your answer. Thanks to impressive conservation efforts, the islands that comprise the Galapagos archipelago have remained unspoiled and unchanged for thousands of years. The wildlife on the islands are not afraid of humans and you can approach them at amazingly close proximity.

Ecuador and the Galapagos are great family destinations as well as perfect for all nature lovers.

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Hawaii - Experience the Spirit of Aloha

Hawaiians open their arms, their culture, and their way of life, inviting you to experience their genuine Aloha spirit.

Choosing the Right Island
Each of Hawaii's five main islands offers unique adventures, activities, and unending delights. Here are the highlights:

Oahu - A wondrous combination that blends Honolulu's big city shopping, nightlife, and entertainment with abundant nature, historical significance and Hawaiian tradition.

Maui - Boasts several fine, golden-sand beaches, serene panoramas, and some of the world's best golf courses.

Hawaii's Big Island - The island is home to plunging waterfalls, three active volcanoes, snow-capped mountains, tropical flora and fauna, ancient temples, and even cowboys and ranch life.

Kauai - This island's intense, natural beauty leads to endless opportunities for exploration and outdoor activities.

Lanai - With no stoplights, this true island getaway offers seclusion, unique beauty, and two masterpiece golf courses designed by legends.

First-time Traveler - If this is your first trip to Hawaii you may want to stay on either Oahu or Maui, as these are the most popular Hawaiian Islands.

Short Stay - Staying only four to five nights in Hawaii? We recommend you pick one island, rent a car, and explore all your unique island has to offer. You'll be amazed at the incredible scenery and variety of activities that are available.

Extended Stay - If you're planning a stay of 10 nights or more, you can comfortably visit up to three islands during your trip, and explore what each has to offer before flying to the next island for another adventure. A popular itinerary would be to stay on Oahu for three nights, fly over to Maui for four, then fly to Kauai or Hawaii's Big Island for three more nights.

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Piedmont Italy

Wouldn't it be easier if Italy were just a bit more boring? The art, the history, the landscapes, the pasta-seriously, you're always going to feel like there's more to to or eat. If actual relaxing is on your agenda, the Piedmont region  may just be your answer. Tucked into the northwestern corner of the country, Piedmont pulled the short straw when it came to major Italian attractions. This is nothing but farm country, home to countless hazelnut groves, Barolo wineries, and truffle-studded fields, a place where folks have so much time on their hands, they created Italy's slow-food movement. Most tourists don't bother with Piedmont, and those who do have little choice but to stay in unpretentious, family-run inns that serve meals made from what the owners grow and raise themselves. No crowds, authentic farm-to-table cuisine, endless Barolo-wait, that doesn't sound so bad after all. In fact, it sounds like heaven. Leave it to Italy to make even life in the slow lane completely irresistible.

I experienced this small town and of course the wonderful Barolo wines myself - one word AWESOME!

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A Trip to Tulum

Plenty of Travelers visit Tulum's Mayan ruins, but only a few stay for the spectacular beaches, casual restaurants and earthy, chic boutique accommodations nearby. Compared to Playa del Carmen, Tulum is an undiscovered gem and that's largely because of the resorts.

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Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Cancun is known for its sprawling all-inclusive properties, but head to Playa Del Carmen, the relaxed beach town 30 miles south of Cancun, and you'll find quaint and unique hotels within walking distance of the area's main attractions without budget-busting rates.

Traditional Resorts

Modern Properties

Romantic Getaways

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Sandals' Resorts Success Story

Over the years, the all-inclusive hotel company has identified top players in areas relevant to a resort experience and forged key partnerships with them to the benefit of all concerned.

Travel Agents are well aware of Sandals Resorts International's signature amenities that have made it easy and profitable to sell, but what has kept all this all-inclusive mega power on top in the caribbean for 30 years are the actual signatures that Sandals Chairman Gordon "Butch" Stewart , his son and Sandals CEO Adam Stewart, and the rest of the Sandals team, have attached to many smart deals.

As we celebrate Sandals' 30th year in operation, we look back at some of these deals that have resulted in partnerships that have made the company relevant for three decades and most likely on top for at least another 30 years.

"Our partnerships have expanded the value of the brands, Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts, enormously," says Butch Stewart. He sites the company's pairing with Martha Stewart and Sesame Street as examples of "our ongoing strategy to exceed customer expectations and deliver a superior product."

"Today, everyone cares about branding," says Adam Stewart. "Years ago, people didn't care about a brand. A shirt was a shirt was a shirt. Now, people care about what brand of shirt they are wearing. The sames goes with our guests. I think it's extremely important to take on these partnerships because our customers are used to the best in each class and we feel like we have that."

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What to See and Do in Ubud, Bali

When in a vacation in Bali, Indonesia, make sure you also explore Ubud. Once you arrive, you will be welcomed by coconut trees, rice paddies and rice terraces.

There are so many things to enjoy here, so here's a quick checklist for you to maximize your holiday getaway in Ubud.

Indulge in their cultural performances.
Balinese dance and performing arts are pleasing to the eye. You will only be able to watch authentic traditional dance here where some are even performed under the trees. You can catch performances almost every night so you don’t have to worry about missing a show.

Visit the enchanting temples and the captivating historical landmarks.
Take a look at one of the most beautiful temples in Bali, Pura Kehen, or check out the carvings as old as 9th century at the Goa Gajah or Elephant cave. Just remember to observe the rules as you enter, as the locals consider most of these places holy.

Visit Museums and Gelleries in Ubud
If you do not visit Ubud's museums and galleries, your trip will not be complete. You can see traditional and modern Balinese art via different forms like sculptures, paintings, and even architectures. What’s even better is that most museums offer art classes, which are definitely worth taking.

Renew with spa, yoga and meditation.
You are guaranteed to experience complete relaxation in Ubud! Health or healing resorts and spas are common in Bali, more so in Ubud where you can get a heavenly massage, reflexology or any other spa treatment that is popular in the region. Cleanse your mind and body with the yoga and meditation classes here.

Things to Do During Your Vacation in Bangkok

It is a very good idea to travel to Thailand, particularly in Bangkok, as the city it still rich in culture. The bustling city lights attract tourists as well as it historical landmarks. For a traveler looking to enjoy an urban landscape rich with culture, Bangkok should be the top selection for a getaway.

But what can you do in a concrete jungle like Bangkok? Here are things to do when you visit this city.

-Enjoy the grandness of the palaces and temples. You might not be able to enter some palaces that the royal family still uses, but others are already open to tourists.

-Go to the city’s museums. If you are a fan of arts and history, then you shouldn’t ignore visiting any of the museums in Bangkok. You will see a unique of Asian antique art inside their museums.

-Visit the Thewet Flower Market. You might even want to drop by the ferry terminal near the market too.

Embark on a bicycle tour! You can ride through Bangkok’s countryside and enjoy the rice paddies, lotus fields and orchid farms.

-Savor a real Thai Massage. You can have a traditional Thai massage from luxury hotels, which are rather expensive. If you are on a budget, get a massage from the small massage shops on the street.

-Unleash the shopaholic in you! You really just have to go shopping when you vacation in Bangkok. Visit Siam Square and you will surely fill your bags with clothes and other items. You can buy almost any piece of clothing, shoes and accessories at a very low price. Shopping in Bangkok can keep you occupied for days and make a shopaholic extremely satisfied after the visit.