Top 5 Places to Visit in Macau

Known as the "Las Vegas of Asia", Macau is well-known for its casinos. Tourists go to this city every year to have fun at the casinos and yet they fail to see that there are more places to visit aside from the place where they gamble. In fact, a tourist cannot fully enjoy the greatness of Macau if he or she is just staying here overnight.

Take note of these things to do and places to see to have fun in Macau.

1. Macau Tower
Macau Tower is one of the most popular destinations in Macau, which is located in front of the Nam Van Lake development and Pearl River. While in the tower, the city skyline will take the breath away of any tourist. Tourists can feast their senses with the city lights in the tower’s observation decks while those who have the heart of adventure can try out the highest bungee jumps they can ever find.

2. Nam Van Lake Cybernetic Fountain
In this location, they hold a mesmerizing show of flowing water with jets that reaches as high as 80 meters. Musical performances are available to see every couple of hours during daytime, while at night, laser lights enhance the whole experience.

3. Macau Grand Prix
During November of every year, a motor sport of car and motorcycle race go on for a week. People flock to this city to watch this every year.

4. Mount Fortress
This place was built by the Jesuits back in the 1600s as part of the St. Paul’s college and church in Macau. The canons here were only used once during 1622 when the Dutch invaded Macau. At the foot of the hill, Mount Fort corridor was built to make it easy for tourists to reach the Mount Fortress. It has elevators as well as access to Macau Museum and St. Lazarus church.

5. Casinos
The most popular destination in Macau is obviously their casinos, where even the Hongkong and Chinese residents go to every weekend. You will very much appreciate the grandeur of their casinos, even if you are not a fan of gambling. You will have so many casinos to choose from just like in Las Vegas!