List of Things to Do in Brighton

Brighton, United Kingdom has a variety of magnificent places wherein people who are visiting the county will always have something to do. It is not enough to spend just one day to see all the locations in order to make the most out of the city. Brighton is quite a well-known travel spot in Britain because people of all types are attracted to it--couples, families, backpackers and even businessmen.

As soon as you set foot in Brighton, try your best to do these activities and be ready for one of the most enjoyable moments of your life.

Go to the Brighton Pier funfair. 
This is Brighton and Hove's only pier that is still in operation, and which is also known as Palace Pier. Here you will find a funfair where most young people (and the young at heart) ride roller coasters, bump cars and ghost trains. Bring home a stuffed toy when you win at the games!

Check out the Brighton Royal Pavilion. 
This place has a very important value in the history of Brighton. This landmark is very recognizable, as it was where the Prince Regent lived during the 19th century. The vista is carefully taken care of to preserve this magnificent landmark.

Get to know the marine species.
Visit the Brighton Aquarium, which is probably one of the oldest aquariums in the entire world. You can enjoy walking through a shark tunnel and get to know the species that thrive in the waters of Brighton.

Lounge on the beach. 
Every summer, tourists flock Brighton Beach, especially by those who are from London. It might be hard for you to find a nice spot on the sand during summer season, as this is the favorite travel destination of both foreigners and locals. Yet, being able to lie down under the sun on this beach will be very nice if you can.

Dance in their clubs! 
Over 20 nightclubs and bars are sprawled all over the city so you can definitely find one that plays your type of music and scene. You will never find a nightlife anywhere else in Britain that's as enjoyable as the nightlife in Brighton. Dance in their clubs and have the best night of your life.