Puerto Galera Beach: Your Ultimate Summer Destination

Located in Mindoro Island, Philippines, Puerto Galera is a place made famous by its very own White Beach. Travel time from Manila (where the airports are) is around 5 hours, but it is very easy to get to. You must be wondering now how you can possibly make your vacation in Puerto Galera a fun one. Read on and prepare yourself for an never ending summer.

The White Beach
The White Beach, as its description suggests, boasts white sands. Along its beaches, there are many grills, restaurants, bars and accommodation that suit your budget without sacrificing showers and TV, or you can get a room for a lower rate if it's not air-conditioned. During the day, you can rent a banana boat and have the time of your life in the water! Once the sun sets, most of the restaurants turn into night clubs, making the perfect venue for dancing and partying all night by the beach.

Tamaraw Falls
A few minutes away from the White Beach, the popular Tamaraw Falls can also be enjoyed. Tourists can rent a van or jeep to get there and then the rest of the way will be traveled by foot. When you get there, you can bathe under the water falls or swim in the man-made pool where the water gathers.

Dive and Golf
Puerto Galera has a protected marine sanctuary, which makes it really attractive for divers. Several dive shops are located in White Beach as well as in Sabang, some of which offer complete packages inclusive of diving lessons or guided diving, accommodations, meals and transfer. On the other hand, a golf course is available for those who are not into extreme sports.

There is a little bit of everything for someone looking for the ultimate summer destination in Puerto Galera. This beach town surely has luxury and budget accommodations and activities.