Enjoying Ubud for Your Vacation

If you are going on a holiday in Bali, Indonesia, do not forget to visit Ubud too. When you turn up, abundant rice paddies and terraces will welcome you together with the sprawling coconut trees.

To help you fully enjoy this town, here's a travel guide for you to enjoy your vacation in Ubud.

See the gorgeous temples and the charming ancient landmarks.
You can explore Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave that features carvings dated back in 9th century and the Pura Kehen, which is one of the most breathtaking temples in Bali. Do not forget to follow the rules once you enter as most of these places are considered holy by the locals.

Appreciate in Ubud’s Museums and Galleries. 
Make sure you explore Ubud's museums and galleries for your trip to be complete. Balinese traditional and modern art is visible through many ways such as architecture, painting and sculpture. It's certainly worth attending the art lessons that many of the museums offer to their visitors.

Watch cultural acts.
Balinese dance and performing arts are pleasing to the eye. You will not see authentic traditional dances of this kind anywhere else in the world, some performed under the trees. You can catch performances almost every night so you don’t have to worry about missing a show.

Experience spa, yoga and meditation.
Total relaxation is guaranteed in Ubud! You can get a massage, reflexology or any spa treatment in health or healing resorts sprawled in Ubud. Get purified inside out when you attend the yoga and meditation classes available in the town.