Aruba, White Sandy Beaches and Turquoise Waters

*Perfect weather. It's always summer in Aruba. Average daytime temperature of 82 degrees and constant cooling trade winds help to keep the humidity low. Aruba has a desert-like climate with less than 20 inches of rain a year.

*Warm, friendly people. Arubans are among the friendliest people in the world. A long history of hospitality pervades the local culture. Local residents welcome visitors with a warm smile and are proud to show off the island they call home.

*White sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Aruba boasts more than seven miles of white sandy beaches, some rated among the best in the world by prestigious travel publications. Clear turquoise waters surround the island with gentle lapping waves along the hotel zone on the leeward side of the island.

*No hassels. Aruba offers all the comforts of home while retaining the charm of an international destination. English is widely spoken, Internet and WiFi access are readily available. Aruba has some of the world's purest drinking water and boasts a top-notch airport with U.S. Customs and Immigration preclearance, allowing flights from Aruba to enter the U.S. a domestic flights.

Article courtesy of Recommend Magazine.

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