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7 Wonders of World
For a couple thousand years the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World have remained the pinnacle of human ingenuity. Statutes and temples that were truly of Biblical proportions were included in this list. All were man-made, all monuments to mythological gods, leaders and kings, or power and opulence.
What sort of grand edifice would best represent the Emerald Coast? Could a quintessential catalog of man-made structures unique to this little slice of heaven be easily assembled.
Here are many wonderful places to stay in Milan, but none as distinctive as Barnaba Fornasetti's. The son of the late artist and designer Piero, and the keeper of the flame, Fornasetti has opened part of his family's villa to paying guests. ''I love to have visitors,'' he says. ''I wanted to offer collectors the opportunity to live in a complete Fornasetti environment.''
Get acquainted with the road and its demands. It is advisable for future traveler writers to immerse themselves into different cultures. Whenever traveling abroad, absorb the local scene. If possible, try to experience more than the regular tourist route. Get to know the people and learn from their customs.